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Finally, a softphone
that performs.

Empower your employees to work remotely at home, on the road or anywhere else in between with our cross-platform softphone.

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AgileIP Softphone.

Every feature your business needs. Try it for yourself.

Our business VOIP softphone was built to leverage our rock-solid VoIP infrastructure. With thousands of deployments in businesses like yours, you can sleep tight, knowing you’ve made the right choice.

AgileIP Softphone.

More than an app, real support included

While most softphones offer little to no support, we stand behind our users and ensure they can get the most out of our softphones.

1 step installation for non-technical users

We streamlined the installation down to its simplest expression. Your employees receive a QR code for their mobile device, scan it with the softphone application, and that's it. The installation typically takes a few seconds.

Backed by a premium VoIP infrastructure

A softphone is only as good as the VoIP infrastructure and the people behind it. Our track record speaks for itself, with an uptime exceeding that of traditional telcos VoIP offerings.

Now is the time to leverage the benefits of softphones in your business

Our business VOIP softphone was built to leverage our rock-solid VoIP infrastructure. With thousands of deployments in businesses like yours, you can sleep tight, knowing you’ve made the right choice.

Cost savings

Forego the need to buy desk phones for some or all your employees.

Enable remote work

Increase employee retention by allowing them to work from home.

Increase revenues

Your sales team won't miss any sales calls wherever they may be.

Promote your main number

When your employees call customers using our softphone, the call display will show your business number, not your employees' cell phone numbers.

Call Log

Monitor call volume easily. Calls made from employees' cell phones are hard to track. With our softphone, you can gain visibility and consolidate your team call logs.

Call transfer and other features

Easily transfer calls to other employees without any hassle or delay. Never again ask a customer to "call back the office" or go through unnecessary hoops to reach someone.

Get started today

Contact our team and one of our specialists will get you up and running as quickly as possible. Click on the link below, and we will call you back quickly.

Frequently asked questions

If you have anything else you want to ask, reach out to us.

What happens when my employees are on holiday or have days off?

Our softphone allows the users to program “do not disturb” dates and periods. This feature enables employees to specify their working hours and ensure you respect their time off. Workalcholics can, of course, decide to pick up calls 24/7 if they wish!

How hard is it to install the softphone?

Your employees receive an instruction email with our one-time use QR code (for mobile) or user/password (for PC and Mac). They download the app and use the QR code or the credentials provided. On a mobile device, the installation typically takes a few seconds.

How can a softphone help me retain my employees?

Currently, there is a shortage of skilled workers, and offering the possibility to work remotely from home is something prospective employees seek out. Our softphone allows your business to do just that. 

I’m tired of paying my office rent. How can you help?

Some of our customers made the switch and became 100% office-free using our softphone and completely closed their main office. While this is not for every business, having the tools available to enable remote work can help you significantly decrease the office space you need and yield significant savings.

Is this a secure solution? 

Most softphones on the market require you to give your employees the sip credentials (user/password) so they can install the application. This practice is insecure since those credentials can be reused, lost, or shared by mistake. We take a strict and secure approach using one-time use credentials. Once used, our credentials can’t be reused, ensuring you maintain your business account’s security.

Are there other requirements I should be aware of?

Recent hardware (mobile, desktop, laptop) and a good internet connection are required to get the best quality possible.

How can a softphone help me find new employees?

The softphone also will enable you to reach out and employ employees that are geographically far from your office, increasing the pool of potential hires.

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